Man Uses Candy Bar Wraper as a Resume To Get Job

Talk about making your resume stand out?!?! This is a very good idea. In a tough economy, anything you can do to get noticed is a good thing.

Job Hunter, Nick Begley, of New York took the idea of making your resume stand out to the extreme and it got him a job.

Here’s how he did it. Begley created a custom label for a Nestle Crunch type candy bar. Then he re-wrapped the bars in the customized resume label and sent 12 of them out to prospective employers.

Where the traditional nutritional information for the candy would be, Begley replaced it with characteristics such as:

  • Work Ethic 110%
  • Leadership 100%
  • Creativity 100%
  • Motivation 100%

Ingredients: Traditional marketing, Online Marketing, Brand Management, etc.

The idea behind the bar was to showcase his out of the box creativity to employers. By doing something that stood out so much, employers were going to either love it or hate it. This gave Begley a way to filter out companies and go to work with the ones that were a better fit for him.


Make your resume stand out with a custom resume candy wrapper.

Make your resume stand out with a custom resume candy wrapper.


This actually happened back in 2009 but it came to light because a friend of Begley, Eli Langer, posted a picture of the resume bar it to Reddit. This made the idea famous and it spread across the Internet.


Do it yourself resume candy bar wrapper

If you are interested in trying this out for yourself, here’s how you can do it pretty easily.

Purchase the candy bar of your choice. It needs to be like a standard Hershey bar, Nestle Crunch, etc. Snickers, Milky Way and other similar shaped bars won’t work for this. Remove the wrapper from the candy bar but keeping intact the inner foil cover. You can then apply your own label. To make your own label, you will need Microsoft Word. I have created a template. Download the template and open it Microsoft Word. You can then edit this template to fit your own resume. When you are done, print it out, trim it and wrap it around your own candy bars. Now you have created your own way to make your resume stand out.

Download template here.

Take a couple to interviews. This will be a huge help with interviews for you.

If the idea of making them yourself doesn’t appeal, maybe you would prefer to have some printed for you. To do that, you can also hire an outside company to do it. You can use companies like this one – Wrapped Hersheys. They will print custom labels on Hershey bars and ship the finished product to you. They are reasonably priced for not having to do a lot of work yourself.

If you would like more information and tricks on how to make your resume stand out from all the others and in how to knock the socks of your interviewer, then sign up for our FREE mini course. Either sign up to the right of this post or go here – Make Your Resume Stand Out

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